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As a growing service company, we are looking for new, committed dancers for our various dance styles (Bachata Dominican and Sensual, Salsa and children's dance (Hip Hop).

BailAdoro provides its services to dance schools and other institutions. We are available as external teachers for short or longer assignments, workshops and shows. The core competencies of the BailAdoro team are Bachata Sensual by Korke y Judith and Salsa by Sabor A Fuego as well as children's dance (Hip Hop).

BailAdoro itself only offers internal training for the existing team of teachers and the promotion of young teachers. We are looking for Salsa teachers and Bachata teachers with immediate effect or by appointment

Your area of ​​responsibility:

- Teach as a dance teacher at an assigned dance school.

- Takeover and coordination of dance lessons and course administration.

- Immediate participation in dance projects

Your profile:

- Part-time or full-time dancer

- Language German and / or English

- Quick comprehension, initiative, creativity

- Willingness to take on responsibility

- Willingness to travel

- Resilient, flexible, able to work in a team

- Good IT-Skills

We look forward to your answer and are always available to answer your questions at

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