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After waiting for a long time BailAdoro finally opens its doors again on the 8. June 2020!

We provide you with a course programme in which we incorporated the the rules and restrictions given by the government. 

You can find our course programme here: Ladystyling, Footwork, Pasitos 

We want to make the reentry for you as easy as possible. The courses will be provided in a 4 week period. Depending on the course single bookings are possible as well, but al the partnerwork classes are only possible with a fix dance partner. Really important! Space is limited! The faster you book the bigger is the chance of getting a spot in the course. 

On the 27. May the Bundesrat will announce further loosening of the restrictions and we provide a 100% money back guarantee for all courses booked before the 28. May in case of bad news.

Your well-being is really important to us! This is why the dance courses will only take place under certain safety measures provide by the BAG and the Tanzverband. All the safety measures will be executed by our teachers in Basel, Zürich and our partner school.

Please be at the studio 5 minutes before the course starts! If requested we can provide a mask for CHF1.00, but it is not a requirement.

We provide germicide at all of our studios and ask you to wash your hands and to sanitize them before the class.

The floor markings will help you keeping the distance to the other dancers.

If you feel sick or unwell, pleas stay at home and visit our online courses. Even though we have not seen each other for a while and we are really looking forward seeing you again, keep in mind: "keep social distance"!

Solltet ihr euch krank oder unwohl fühlen, bitten wir euch zu Hause zu bleiben und online am Kurs teilzunehmen. Auch wenn wir uns schon lange nicht mehr gesehen haben und die Freude über das Wiedersehen gross ist, gilt weiterhin: «keep social distance»!  Let's bring back the life to the dance floor!

We are looking forward sharing our passion of dance with all of you again soon. Nice seeing you again.

Kisses BailAdoro

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