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Salsa Show Team

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Salsa Show Team



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20.01.22 - 09.06.22 (undefined Lessions)


18.45 - 19:45

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This Mambo Moderno show is choreographed by Maria Malakou (former partner of Marco Ferrigno) and will be taught by Kira and Roland, two experienced dancers who have focused on this particular style and have trained directly with Marco and Maria in the school in Milano.

Mambo Moderno is a fusion of Mambo, Contemporary, Afro, Rumba and other styles where traditional mambo steps are enriched with different kinds of body movements which provides the dancer a wide range of tools for musicality interpretation.

This show group is targeted primarily at intermediate and advanced dancers who are looking for a challenge and/or would like to learn the Mambo Moderno style. 

It is however also suitable for experienced dancers who don’t want to perform, but want to improve the technique of their foundations and learn how to enrich their current steps by incorporating body movements.

While the show and the training is on2, it is also suitable for on1 dancers who would like to learn on2 or who would like to incorporate these kinds of movements into their on1 dancing.


You commit yourself for 20 weeks. 

200.- CHF for adults and 185.- CHF for students per month.

Costume and shoes are NOT included in the price.

Course dates:


- Th, 20. Jan 22
- Th, 27. Jan 22


- Th, 03. Feb 22
- Th, 10. Feb 22
- Th, 17. Feb 22
- Th, 24. Feb 22


- Th, 03. Mar 22
- Th, 10. Mar 22
- Th, 17. Mar 22
- Th, 24. Mar 22
- Th, 31. Mar 22


- Th, 07. Apr 22
- Th, 14. Apr 22
- Th, 21. Apr 22
- Th, 28. Apr 22


- Th, 05. May 22
- Th, 12. May 22
- Th, 19. May 22
- Th, 26. May 22


- Th, 02. Jun 22
- Th, 09. Jun 22

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Salsa Show Team

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