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General terms and conditions of the company BailAdoro

§1 Registration/deregistration

The registration for a course and the payment of the course fee is obligatory. Course registrations are personal and can not be transferred to another person. With your registration you accept the terms and condition of BailAdoro. 

Deregistrations must be done per mail to and at least 4 days before the end of a course period. If the deregistration is done after the deadline the course period will be extended and the fee must be payed.

§2 Payment of the course fee

The course fees must be payed at least 14 days after receiving the invoice. This can be done by a payment to the BailAdoro bank account or cash (exceptional case).  If the payment is not done within the deadline BailAdoro can charge CHF10.- as reminder charges. Not paying the course fee does not count as a deregistration.

§3 Course period

Förder-, Nachwuchs-, Lehrer-, Showtrainings: A course period involves 10 lessons of 90 minutes. The course periods duration is 10 weeks.  The show group training  usually takes place once a week. Course fees are: per person: CHF 375.00

Privatstunden: Private lessons can be done by arrangement. Costs are: Single person (with 1 teacher): 85.- CHF/h, a pair (with 1 teacher): 120.- CHF/h, a pair (with 2 teachers): 180.- CHF/h


§4 Refund

Payments are not refundable. Only if a course gets canceled, the whole payment will be refunded. Your teachers must be noticed in case of absence or illness 24 hours before the course period or the lesson starts. Missed classes can not be added to the next course period. Missing the class or drop out of a course is not refundable.

In case of illness with the addition of a doctor's notice, holiday, WK/military or other travels in arrangement with the teachers, missed classes can be added to a next course period.

In case of illness without a doctor's certificate or general absences, the lessons can be made up. The lessons that have to be made up must be made up during the current course period. It is not possible to make up the lessons during the next course period.

Should in an exceptional case a compensation for a missed class not be possible, it must be discussed with the course administration BEFORE the start of the course period. After a course period exceptions won't be possible.

§4.1  Health Insurance Reimbursement

Due to our membership in the Swiss Dance Association, some health insurance companies (e.g. SWICA and Sympany) offer to reimburse part of the cost of our membership fees for children and adults - up to CHF 600 per year! This depends on your health insurance and the tariff you have taken out. Please inquire directly with your health insurance company whether they offer this type of benefit.

§5 Cancellation of lessons

Due to public holidays or in other exceptional cases will be announced as early as possible by the course administration.


§6 Dance partner

It is possible to register for a course without a dance partner. The course administration tries its best to find a partner but can not guarantee it.


§7 Course structure BailAdoro

The structuring of the courses, the course periods, the starting time, the locations and the choosing of the teachers are up to the company BailAdoro. 


§8 Accident insurance

Students are not insured by BailAdoro during a class or an event organized by BailAdoro. Students themselves are responsible for their accident- as well as their liability insurance. BailAdor takes no responsibility for stolen or lost personal items.


§9 Photos or videos during lessons or during an event

Photos or videos are only allowed with the permission of the teacher. Photos or videos taken by BailAdoro during classes or events can be used for promotional purposes and belong to the BailAdoro company.


§10 privacy policy

Datas which a collected by the BailAdoro company will not be passed along to a third party. Datas will be handled carefully and privacy rights will be respected. 


§11 Validity

The BailAdoro terms are publicly published and are taken in account by the students. The acceptance of the terms is obligatory and an integral part of the contract made by using a service of BailAdoro.  


§12 Jurisdiction 

The place of jurisdiction in case of a dispute: Gelterkinden(BL).

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